Toymaker Short Film

A group short film, the largest CG production to come out of Brown and RISD, created in Adv. Animation Production at Brown University with Barb Meier. In the Fall 2016 class, each member of the 11-person class took lead on one or more areas of the pipeline. I took lead on modeling, set dressing, rigging, and pipeline/tech, also helping out with shading, animation, and cloth simulation. I modeled the workroom and bedroom apartment (windows, walls/flooring, pipes, shelves, radiator), and set dressed the workroom set. Set dressed workroom shaders based on art direction and environment designs. Rigged Maria (mother character), character and facial rig. Developed pipeline scripts and project set up (set dressing scripts, asset and reference symlink hierarchy, rendering).

Completed the short film in Spring 2017 with Nellie Robinson as Independent Studies with Barb Meier. For the second half of the film, I worked on cloth simulation and rendering, also helping with comp and general shot fixes/debugging. 

Short and breakdown online soon!

Official Selection at Athens Animfest 2018

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017. Filed under Animation. 

Toymaker poster created by Nellie Robinson. 

Toymaker poster created by Nellie Robinson.