Sculptures created for VISA110 Adv. Foundations and VISA1420 Kinetic Sculpture at Brown.


Metalworking steel project created for VISA1420 Kinetic Sculpture at Brown. 

Winter 2015. Filed under Sculpture.

Crankshaft copy.gif
DSC_1597 copy.JPG

don't touch me i'm sleeping

Mixed media final sculpture for VISA1420 Kinetic Sculpture at Brown. 

Spring 2015. Filed under Sculpture.

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otheranglesmall copy.gif
anglesmall copy.gif

Hurricane Warning

Wood sculpture created for VISA1420 Kinetic Sculpture. Blades power a centrifugal governor, which swings out to hit the metal plates at high wind speeds. 

Winter 2015. Filed under Sculpture.

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InsideWhirly copy.gif

ZPC-4 (Zeppelin Paper Clad - 4 person capacity)

Final project for VISA110 Adv. Foundations at Brown. I wished to examine the idea of a mobile home, imagining an abandoned warship that has been taken over as a steampunk style mobile home. Mixed media (rope, cut paper, foam core, cotton, lamp, light, shadow).

Fall 2014. Filed under Paper Cutting, Sculpture.